Obtaining Hardcopy Federal Standard 595 Color Chips

The physical color samples of the FED-STD-595B have been issued by General Services Administration in the following publications.

How to obtain these publications*

Federal Standard 595B publications can be purchased from the Specification Section of US General Services Administration .

Document prices are listed below. Prices will vary depending on the number of pages.

All foreign orders must add 25% to cover the cost of airmail.

The GSA requires all orders to be paid in advance, either with credit card or US Postal money order. The customer's return address must be clearly shown to ensure prompt mailing. You must provide your account number for Federal Express or UPS shipments. 

Requests for additional information or comments concerning the contents may be made in writing to:

General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service, FSS Product Acquisition Center, Supply Standards Division (FLAS), Arlington, VA 22202. Telephone or email contacts are listed on the following page:

* Prices and ordering information has been last revised in July 2006.

Other sources

Besides the General Services Administration, several commercial companies offer the FED-STD-595 publications for sale. You may wish to consult some of the ads at this site for some of these alternative sources.

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