Using the Federal Standard 595 Color Server

The Basics

The basic function of this online service is simple. Provided that you have a valid five-digit color number out of the FS 595b range, or one that can be matched to an existing chip based on the principle ôsame color, but different sheen" (see here for further explanation), this server will provide you with a digitalized color chip displayed on your computer screen.

On the FED-STD-595 Server Search form, enter a desired five-digit FS color number and hit Enter. The system will look up an appropriate color and display a rectangular sample on-screen.

Should you happen to enter a non-existing FS number, the system will return a message nnnnn is not a valid FS color number.

Trying to enter color codes at random you may quickly notice that it is not at all easy to find a valid color number at all! Therefore, the server will also allows to browse through the entire FS 595b set though the Browse colors option.

Viewing options

For better viewing, samples can be enlarged for better viewing through Sample size links at the top left of the sample area.

The Background links positioned at the top right of the sample area allow adjusting the color of the sample's nearest surround to suit your requirements. Note that all background colors are neutral (pure) greys to prevent affecting viewer's perception of hue.

For advanced users: Multicolor samples

One of the most powerful features of the Color Server is its ability to combine multiple colors in a single sample. It allows you either to compare shades directly on the screen side-by side, or to set together a sample of a multicolor paint scheme to see how the colors would look together on a surface.

All you need to do to get this functionality is to enter multiple FS numbers in the search form separated by spaces, such as "34079 30118 34583" (click here to view this example)

For advanced users: Browsing similar colors

Looking for a perfect match for a non-specified base color, one is frequently faced with a question if the result would look better if a color is replaced by a slightly lighter/darker/more red etc. To facilitate this, the server will allow you to look up similar colors to the ones already presented in a given sample. For example, to find similar colors to brown 30080, click Similar colors at the bottom of this sample (30080).

For advanced users: Linking

Lastly, a link to each color sample is permanent, so you can always use it to refer to a particular sample in an online  discussion forum or another web page.

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