Federal Standard 595 Fan Deck

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The following collection of pages allows you to browse through colors in the exact order they have been grouped and presented in the Federal Standard 595B Fan Deck. The page captions (given in parenthesis) are arbitrary and have been added for clarity.

Quick jumps: Gloss (1-15) Fluorescent (16) Satin (17-36) Flat (37-60)

Page 1 (Glossy full-bodied reds)
Page 2 (Gloss dark orange)
Page 3 (Glossy red browns)
Page 4 (Gloss creamy browns)
Page 5 (Gloss yellows)
Page 6 (Gloss beige)
Page 7 (Gloss military greens)
Page 8 (Gloss haze greens)
Page 9 (Gloss emerald greens)
Page 10 (Gloss vivid blue)
Page 11 (Gloss marine blue)
Page 12 (Gloss blue and purple)
Page 13 (Gloss blue-greys)
Page 14 (Gloss neutral and green-greys)
Page 15 (Gloss brown-tinted greys)
Page 16 (Fluorescent, silver and gold)
Page 17 (Satin red and orange)
Page 18 (Satin brownish reds)
Page 19 (Satin red-browns)
Page 20 (Satin flesh tones)
Page 21 (Satin creamy browns)
Page 22 (Satin grey-brown)
Page 23 (Satin beige)
Page 24 (Satin creamy yellows)
Page 25 (Satin lime greens and yellows)
Page 26 (Satin warm greys)
Page 27 (Satin grey-greens)
Page 28 (Satin haze greens)
Page 29 (Satin light emerald greens)
Page 30 (Satin blue-greys)
Page 31 (Satin azure blue)
Page 32 (Satin vivid blue)
Page 33 (Satin purples)
Page 34 (Satin graphite greys)
Page 35 (Satin neutral greys)
Page 36 (Satin gull greys)
Page 37 (Flat vivid reds)
Page 38 (Flat rusty reds)
Page 39 (Flat subdued orange)
Page 40 (Flat ash browns)
Page 41 (Flat red-browns)
Page 42 (Flat creamy browns)
Page 43 (Flat earth browns)
Page 44 (Flat dusty browns)
Page 45 (Flat olive greens)
Page 46 (Flat vivid yellows)
Page 47 (Flat lime greens)
Page 48 (Flat warm greens)
Page 49 (Flat greens)
Page 50 (Flat haze greens)
Page 51 (Flat emerald greens)
Page 52 (Flat green-blue)
Page 53 (Flat azure blue)
Page 54 (Flat marine blue)
Page 55 (Flat vivid blue)
Page 56 (Flat blue and purple)
Page 57 (Flat blue-greys)
Page 58 (Flat neutral greys)
Page 59 (Flat miscellaneous greys)
Page 60 (Flat green-greys)

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