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The Federal Standard 595 Color Server is an Internet service devoted to providing information about colors in the FED-STD-595B specification. We provide this service for free for individuals and webmasters, but if you find this service useful we would appreciate placing a link to it in the relevant portion of your site.

There are two recommended ways of linking to this site: general link and color sample link

General links

For linking to our site, please use the name "Federal Standard 595 Color Server" or "FED-STD-595 Color Server" and the following address:

Linking to a specific color sample

You can also create a permanent link to the selected color sample. In this case, use the following syntax:


To create a link to a multicolor sample, just include multiple color numbers separated with a + sign, like this:

It would be appreciated if you could include the line "Color samples provided by" at each web page containing direct links to samples.

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