Adding Visual Impact to Color Reference Charts

As mentioned elsewhere, Federal Standard 595 has become a de-facto standard for color communication among the worldwide scale modeling community. IPMS Stockholm (International Plastic Modelers Society) is the home of the web's most excessive modelers' color cross-reference charts. With the help of the federal Standard 595 Color Server, the charts could be made visual.

"Our Color Reference Charts were first published on the web as early as 1991 - on rec.models.scale newsgroup. By that time there wasn't much graphic or layout on the web so the charts were initially circulated purely in text form. In 1998, we published the first web revision of this excessive material, and they have been hosted at the IPMS Stockholm's site ever since. Another giant leap in the history of the charts came with the introduction of the FS 595 Color Server. With the ability get visual reference of the color, modelers worldwide are no longer constrained to abstract color and paint numbers. An extremely user-friendly feature."

IPMS Stockholm's Color Reference Charts

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